General Information: the iPad app for reading Orn and Ornis comics.

Download this free app to read the Orn and Ornis comics!

Only for iPad(IOS) for the time being. We will develop the Android version in the nearly future

These comics are exclusive*: you can only read them here. A practical, cheap and easy way to read comics.

Go to this link and download the app for free. You can read the TWO COMPLETE VOLUMES for free: one Om and one Ornis comic. The other volumes are paid (0,99 €/volume).

The volumes are designed to weigh little but still have great graphic quality, to enable the reader to really enjoy the pictures.

You can delete the app and download the volumes you have in the Comicbank as many times as you wish.

*Om volumes nos. 1-5 were published on paper by “Dolmen Editorial ” a decade ago, and are now out of print. The first pages of Ornis were published in the magazine “Cavall Fort ” some years ago.