Ornis in Cavall Fort

The pages and illustrations of this character in the magazine Cavall Fort

Ornis is born to be published in the magazine Cavall Fort. It was a long time I wanted to publish in this magazine. Please notice that I used to read this magazine when I was a kid, so it was a milestone for me. When I was thinking about what the project that I could propose to Cavall fort, I thought on making a child version of the character of Orn. It was easy: I had already figured the world, its rules, the kinds of people ... Of course I had to adapt the tone of the comincs to a new sort of comic reader! But it was not difficult at all, on the contrary. I feel very comfortable doing positive humor for childs and youth.
In fact, to be honest ... Ornis is becoming more and more important in my work! And furthermoreI I do enjoy drawing it!


YEAR: Des del 2010 fins ara.
PAGES: One page per month (every two magazines)
PUBLISHER: Cavall Fort
WHERE TO BUY: www.cavallfort.cat